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Rebelot del Pont: Bistrot with a twist

Navigli are one of the most vivid and central area of the Milan nightlife with a multitude of pubs and restaurants spread along the river.

Rebelot del Pont is one of those, small bistrot of the Pont de ferr, one Michelin star restaurant that recently registered the change of the chef.

At Rebelot, guests have the opportunity to choose among a selection of small dishes or to be intrigued by an affordable 5-course gastronomic menu (no dessert or wine included).

We tried the gastronomic menu and were pleasantly surprised by this calamari, served on a roasted friggitello (a mild pepper), lightly covered by a spread of white chocolate. Very interesting and easy combination!


Another dish of the menu was the result of a cooking technique I really love: the sous vide!

This deer had a wonderful color, succulent yet tender texture and divine taste, and was served with radicchio and panettone crumbles.

Panettone brought a slightly sweet taste to the dish and balanced well the bitterness of the radicchio.


The menu offering is constantly changing, but always very interesting in the mix of flavors.

We came back a couple of weeks later and we got this wonderful Piedmontese fassona tartare, served with coconut and Pertosa artichokes with curry...

... as well as this fish fillet served with one of main the characters of the spring season: asparagus!

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