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Snooze: rise and fall

Snooze opened its doors in August 2015.

The first day they ordered 20 buns at the trendy Luxembourgish bakery Cathy Goedert, while at the end of the week 200.

However, the fairytale didn't last long.

The two split and each has gone its own way.

Snooze hasn't changed its look, neither its menu, the sport bar concept or its prices.

But it has lost something. Apart from the bread buns, the quality has significantly dropped.

The special spark, the touch of care and true passion for pleasing its guests has faded.

The last time we went to Snooze we shot high, hoping to get the same treat as the first time - a burger with beef tartar proudly named Barbarian.

The result: far from the love at first sight when the tartar was naturally glued together and charged in meat flavor that immediately ruled the plate.

This time the Barbarian might have reached the average, but was far away from gloriously invading our palates. The tartare didn't provoke any special excitement, the fried egg cooked plain diner style didn't add anything else than some extra fatness... mustard, worchester, mayo as dressings... nothing to particularly tickle our taste buds.

The service was ok but evidently too tired.

What a pity.

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