Craigie on Main: pig's head in a frenchie restaurant

Chef Tony Maws was elected among the U.S. best new Chefs by the Food & Wine Magazine.

His restaurant (and I could not find better words than the ones used on his website) 'combines his trademark French-inspired “refined rusticity” with an unyielding passion for the best local, seasonal, and organic ingredients'.

Indeed the menu changes regularly depending on products availability and seasonality.

I have to admit that the first time I read about him, it was on a United Airlines magazine in a plane to Chicago.

The article mentioned a very peculiar dish that was worth the trip even for one of the most extraordinary chefs of our times: Ferran Adrià.

Following the steps of the father of the modern gastronomy, I ended up having a huge head in front of me... of a cosmopolitan pig!

Tortillas, soya sprouts and boudin noir sauce... not a bad company for a crispy guy!

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