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Ma langue sourit*: a surprising experience

Exactly one year ago I had the opportunity to eat at Ma langue sourit.

Here come the 3 of my highlights.

The first one was a trick or treat appetizer, where beetroot, celery, boudin noir & blanc, roasted buckwheat, champignons, green peas etc. were skillfully disguised as madeleine, macaron, sorbet, tartelette, … which ultimately made a magnificent palate warm up!


The second one was a refined combination made out of Coquilles St. Jacques, paired with creamy garlic butter and garnished with perfectly steamed cabbage and broccoli…

No, in this case the world is not one’s oyster, the world is one’s scallop!



The third dish was a rest for my eyes, but a great temptation for my appetite!

Pâté en croûte with foie gras and pistachio mousse, happily married with beetroots, green pepper paste and sweet chutney…

This is what I call a food poetry, and a happy ending too!

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