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Yvonne's: better their cocktails than their food

If you go to Yvonne's, go for their cocktails rather than their food.

The place looks like a Parisian bistrot decorated with mosaics and dimmed chandeliers.

Yet, the menu will quickly remind you that you're still in the US, with a twist of Mediterranean influence.

However, what really stands out and makes the highlight of this trendy spot are the cocktails, especially comparing to other similar, more food-centric places.

The Prince of Wales combines white horse scotch, gin, lillet, thyme and drambuie, which makes it a perfectly stirred drink.


Do you find it beautiful?

Well, never get tricked by the looks!

There is nothing more disappointing than being served with frozen seafood.

It is simply not acceptable - and I'm not even referring to the fact that this dish costs $18!

It's a real pity because this dish is pleasantly presented and has an idea behind... It wants to be an homage to Spain, its sea, beaches and spices, with the green mojo and pimentón...

But the smell of the frozen shrimps is so intense that ruins everything! Bocciato!


After the stick, here is the carrot!

Among all the dishes we tried, this was actually one of the most interesting!

It's the Bavette Steak Mirabeau served with caramelized olives, on a slice of bread rubbed with marrow.

The reason why you should order it is the white anchovy butter that you can see on the top.

The marriage with the meat works perfectly, offering an unexpected and yummy combination of tastes!


Hungry italian in town is usually not a great dessert person, but this giant macaron, filled with whiskey-based ice cream, was really worth the sin!

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