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Place Guillaume and its Saturday's green market

Green markets are the best places where to spend Saturday mornings.

I'm probably too much influenced by the fact of being from Palermo, with its 3 historical markets - Vucciria, Ballarò, Capo - that fill the space with a rainbow of colours and the air with the delicate smell of veggies, fruits, or the stronger flavour of panelle, croquets and sfincione.

Luxembourg's green market is similarly rich in colours but lacks a bit in flavours and, especially, in noises: no one 'abbannìa' (shouting to promote their products), no one!

The word Vucciria (one of the 3 Palermitan markets) for example is now use with the meaning of 'confusion', a crowd of voices and shoutings - even if its origin is French from the word 'Boucherie' (butcher's shop).

One of the biggest Luxembourg green market is open every Wednesday and Saturday from 7 AM to 2 PM in Place Guillaume II where small local producers offer a wide selection of products at a very expensive price!

Price would not be a concern as long as the quality of the product is very high, and there comes my disappointment.

Before buying cherry tomatoes for more than 10 euro per kilo (and even for less), I always ask to taste them, and you should do the same.

What I expect when I bite a cherry tomato is to hear it cracking under my teeth, releasing its acidulous juice and finishing his passage in the mouth giving back a light sweet aroma. Step 1 and 2 are in place, but the third one is missing in Place Guillaume. I blame the lack of sun, but the price should be more 'humble'.

Said that, there is something that cannot be missed in this green market in the corner close to the Veloh station:

- the blue tiny booth of Mr. Stephan Peters offering fresh local handpicked mushrooms at a very reasonable price (not available every week)

- the pistachios heaven of the Dionyssus Deli, specialized in Greek delicacies where to buy one of the most delicious pistachios spreads I've ever tried (in both sweet and salty version).

Do not miss it next weekend!

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