[CLOSED] Luxembourg / Boco: french bistrot in a jar

Since few months, people working in Kirchberg, the modern neighborhood of the city hosting buildings of the European Institutions, banks and insurance companies, have an additional option for lunch.

Boco is a new food concept restaurant, a fast bistrot already present in Paris, Belgium and Switzerland, where food recipes created by Michelin star and gastronomic chefs are trapped into jars for on-spot consumption, delivery or to go option.

The personnel is well trained and friendly. Every guest is welcomed with a smile and receive an explanation on the concept: go to the fridge, choose your food (there are several gluten free and vegan options as well), add the jars in your basket and the personnel will take care of reheat those who require a quick step into the oven.

The price overall is honest, especially considering the few quality alternatives for a warm dish in the area, and there is an option to combine soup+main or main+dessert for the value of a ticket restaurant (€10.80).

Quality of ingredients is quite good and while the main dishes are more 'traditional' (e.g. the french beef parmentier - braised beef with mashed potato), starters offer the palate more playful combinations, like the poached egg with onion cream, bacon and burgundy sauce or the tiramisu of tomato and fresh herbs.

Do not get mislead by the size of the jar: it will fill you up easily!

Ps. Boco is very proud of their desserts and I recommend you to try: they are all very refreshing for the palate and in a perfect size!

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