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Podenco: from Spain with love

Finding yourself in a country where almost more than a half of population is consisted of expats can have its positive sides, especially when it comes to dining experience.

If you are looking for an authentic place that captivates you immediately with its familiarity, then Podenco must be your next go-to destination in Luxembourg city. This Spanish taverna is owned and flavoured by a Spanish guy who is deeply involved in all of its aspects: food supply, wine list, menu, serving (greatly supported by Sandro, one of the few 'valdostano' in Lux), interior and the overall atmosphere.

There are poor chances you won’t start chatting with the owner (even in Italian) just after your fist visit, while the Mediterranean hospitality will strike you immediately with some slices of bread rubbed with tomato and olive oil charged on the house.

More national pride than plain marketing, this place has sustained solely on tasty food and generosity by all means.

Don’t miss out the chance to get a bite of the wide selection of Spanish tapas and meat cuts: start your meal with a traditional plate of chorizo, lomo and jamon iberico; then offer your mouth a triptych of flavors - sweet, spicy, sour - with chistorra, a soft chorizo soaked in cider sauce; dip yourself into the sea while trying the fried sea ​​anemones (or ortiguillas), a delicacy flying directly from Spain in special boxes equipped with oxygen to keep it alive, or with the marinated fried fish (cazón) seasoned with paprika, oregano and vinegar - probably the best of the tapas offer.

When it comes to main dishes, the following two are mandatory:

- the pulpo a la placha, a grilled octopus tinted with colors: the red of the paprika, the yellow of the potatoes and the olive oil, the green of the slow cooked zucchini;

- the secreto iberico, a cut of meat 'hidden' between the shoulder blade and the loin of the most famous of the Spanish pigs. The meat is cut in stripes and cooked at high flame. The result is a soft bite coated by natural fat with an incredible and natural nutty taste. It will leave you speechless.

It is highly recommended to book in advance as the word of mouth has been spreading across quickly and the restaurant is often packed. However, the waiting time is more than reasonable so it won’t take you long to embark on a palatable journey. Once it happens, you will soon realise you have found your very own Mediterranean hub in the middle of Lux.

P.S. The place is excellent to break the Sunday melancholy mood too!

Note: Podenco in english means 'hound', and it is dog breed originally from the Canary Islands, mainly used for rabbit hunting.

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