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Lux Fine: bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer in Lux

Since few months, I took the habit to eat a piece of chocolate after dinner to finish the last sip of wine or to accompany a glass of whisky.

The good thing about it is that you can eat a piece and not feeling guilty.

This happens especially if the chocolate is dark and the bitter taste makes it a master of camouflage.

On top of that, the limited amount of fat makes it the perfect ally for a crime, as you can hold it in your fingers without leaving any mark of its passage.

Since the beginning of 2017, a new partner in crime entered the Luxembourgish scene.

Brought in by confectionery industry experts (in particular agronomy engineers) operating in the Grand-Duchy for more than 15 years, Lux Fine is a new chocolate brand following the 'bean to bar' concept, an idea pioneered by trendsetters in the United States in the early 2000.

'Bean to bar' is meant to provide the highest chocolate quality, with manufacturers overseeing the full production cycle, from sourcing to roasting the beans, from conching to molding the chocolate in bars.

Lux Fine operations take place in Piedmont, the Italy region providing the best hazelnuts in the world, and account for 12 different kinds of chocolate, from the loved-by-many milk to the purists-appreciated dark to the adventurous-sought specialties.

My suggestion is to skip the milk one, hardly you will find something better than the Sprungli's Julia in the market (made of 25% hay milk), and devote your attention to the 'Origins' series: 4 dark chocolates from 72% to 74% produced with beans from Madagascar, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

Madagascar and Venezuela are the most bitter of the crew while Peru and Ecuador offer a wider range of exotic flavors: mango and passion fruit for the first one, coconut for the second.

Do not miss the opportunity to try their Gianduja - ça va sans dire - and the dark chocolate with amarena: handmade mix of different chocolates, sweeter than the others due to the syrup coating of these black cherries.

Currently, you can find Lux fine chocolates in 5 different stores:

- the coffee roaster Maison Santos (City center)

- the wines, spirits & beers shop House of Taste (City center)

- the restaurant Mamma Bianca (Kirchberg)

- the fitness center Ellipse Fitness & Wellness (Kirchberg)

- the booth House of Delights (at Luxembourg Airport)

PS. The main downside of the dark chocolate is the thickness that makes it hard to bite but the company is working on it (as well as on improving the packaging)

Tip: Lux Fine produces as well delicious chocolate pralines - milk and dark chocolate with hazelnut filling - totally worth the sin!

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