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Yamayu Santatsu: real sushi experience in Lux

If you are looking for the best sushi or sashimi in town, Yamayu Santatsu is the place!

A truly Japanese experience, with a non pretentious looks, and a compact size packed with tables and chairs.

After you ensure your booking in advance, you will be welcomed by the perpetual smile hosted on the face of the Chef and the politeness of the rest of the staff.

As per Japanese tradition, the sushi counter plays by "nothing to hide" rules as all the fresh fish available is displayed in front of the guests.

Unfortunately, being in Luxembourg, the selection is relatively limited but the quality high (especially the tuna).

Differently from the multitude of pre-made sushi stores that have been spreading around the city (whose sushi is slowing attempting the tasting capabilities of many and where the rice is conceived just to hold the fish), Yamayu Santatsu will give you the opportunity to experience again the pleasure of biting a tick slice of tuna, chewing a fatty salmon or just enjoying a rice optimally warm and gently marinated in rice vinegar.

Do not miss the inevitable wakame sea algae salad. You will be amazed by natural it is especially considering that most of the sushi places outside Japan are mainly about the imitation of wakame.

Follow your craving with makasame - a mix of sushi and sashimi done with tuna, mackerel, salmon and mullet.

If you want to step away from the most well known Japanese bites, opt for a very interesting salad of raw mackerel, leeks and freshly grounded ginger, splashing in taste, crispiness and not at all an invasive oniony flavour.

To end this miniature but very authentic Japanese tour, make a toast with cold or warm sake (our preference is for the cold one) and take a bite of bean-based Japanese desserts.

You will walk out light, with sea on your palates and joyfulness on your mind!

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