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Oscar's: beer, burgers and Sunday roast

Probably one of the best gardens in Lux is the one at the Oscars.

It didn't take too long for this place to obtain two locations, one in the old town 'Grund', famous for its band concerts (and garden), and the other one nearby the train station that is more of a diner place.

The entire concept is pretty much about draft beers and burgers, not too much about aesthetic around.

The burgers are very close to rough-artisanal style and come with a very decent bread buns to wrap up all the layers and add on the taste and texture.

The burger that won our hearts is the Chilli one, done with fresh chilly and coriander. Fresh and juicy, with fries or salad of your choice - there is nothing more to ask from a burger.

If desired, you might think of adding some blue cheese to it but don't expect to be knocked down by its supreme quality.


On Sundays, Oscars serve its Sunday roast, a traditional British dish consisting of chicken or pork, with plenty of roasted veggies and fried potatoes.

This dish will make you feel at home for its simplicity, familiarity, taste and abundance... A grandma meal!


PS. If you are not into meat, do not miss their veggie burgers!

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