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Athena: dining in the shadow of Parthenon

Everything that Greece is feeling proud of can be found (literally) in Athena, in the Gare neighborhood.

Dramatic red velvet colours as an homage to the antique theatre, sculptures, miniatures and ornaments as on Greek temples, azure details blue as the three seas surrounding the county and coloring the glorious national flag.

From a visual perspective, Athena stands for almost a sanctuary to the entire historical and cultural legacy Greece has in its tradition, old almost as human civilisation.

Whether you prefer this kind of taste or not, it will certainly leave an impression.

When speaking about the food, this spacious restaurant strives to deliver a professional service (the staff is represented by the extended family members as per southern tradition), while offering very natural ingredients, flavours and colours in Mediterranean nuances.

After piquing your curiosity by ordering numerous starters, such as dolma, pita bread, tzatziki, roasted peppers, grilled cheese, olives... we strongly recommend to go for the famous kleftiko.

A rustic looking dish with lamb and veggies, placed in a clay pottery and cooked long hours in the oven.

The meat simply unsticks from the bone. It is very tender in texture, while specific herbal spices give it a true touch of Greece and at the same time mitigate a strong aroma lamb can naturally have.

Veggies that are cooked on the side will soak in all the flavours, making you want to dip them even deeper in their own juices and eat the last bit of it.

Portion sizes are also more than decent, so dare if you can to order a dessert.

Otherwise, go for a good old ouzo drank with a splash of water, or order a Metaxa Olympia - a pricey Greek cognac, worth every sip.

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