Coppers: Deluxe burger in Lux

Finding The burger is a constant mission for any respectable foodie - especially considering the current proliferation of the offer in an uncountable number of bars and restaurant.

"Less is more” is usually not the philosophy behind the world's most famous sandwich.

The juicier, the merrier. The more layers, the more joy. The more extra additions, the more flavours.

Speaking of different types of burgers, it is usually not a selection that makes the big buzz. The essence lays in single ingredients that truly make a difference in the end.

Coppers already has a reputation for serving good burgers so was our turn to confirm or deny it.

Obviously, we went for the burger that contains the most “house-made” ingredients and on top comes with national Luxembourgish flavours (very rare to find).

The Deluxe burger we tasted was brought to us in a very straight forward way with a steak knife stabbed onto its top.

This barbarian presentation had its charm as the main eating tool was just in front.

All the rest that followed made our plates really happy, not enough to announce this burger the world champ, but more to prize it with a national accolade.

The home-made bread bun done with beer (slightly too doughy and soft), a very generous and naturally tasting meat patty, the traditional gromperekichelcher - a deep-fried spiced potato pancake with chopped onions and parsley -, the right quantity of made-from-scracth Andalouse sauce not to cover the genuine tastes, very crunchy and well done sweet potato fries...

However, the star of it all was a typical Luxembourgish cheese that truly gave a very special touch to the entire dish. Not too salty, but with a character and semi melting consistency, this cheese went absolutely perfect with the Deluxe burger, making it truly distinctive and different.

Being located in a very rugged part of Luxembourg duchy, in Esch-sur-Alzette, next to the concert hall Rockhal, Coppers with its industrial, dark-metal, prison bars deco blends very nicely with the surrounding, while the food they serve gives a heart-warming feeling.

The variety of beers is also quite wide, with an obvious accent on Lux craft. If you are a burger-beer type, go for Satellite or Martin’s Ipa, better than Coppers house beer, which results quite bitter.

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