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Red Rooster: the jazz gem of Sunday night

This is a BONUS recommendation with a caveat: this is not about the best food in NYC. This is about the best place to spend a Sunday night in the greatest city in the world!

Your Sunday night will bring you at the number 310 of Lenox Ave, in between W 125th St and W 126th St, in Harlem.

The atmosphere is amazing and multi-ethnic, with a crowded ring bar where gentlemen are sitting with their old-fashioned Sunday suits and elderly women are wearing their large hats.

In the left corner, packed in an incredibly small space, a quartet plays jazz classic tunes and improvised notes.

The energy grows with the flow of the notes and the vibes get into your body, making it difficult to just stand still or sit and quiet.

The show goes on for at least a couple of hours from 8 PM to 10 PM, where you can choose to enjoy few cocktails at the bar or get a table (likely a bit far from the 'stage') and try the comfort food prepared by the chef Marcus Samuelsson.

My recommendation is to go for the fried yardbird, served with white mace gravy, buttermilk mashed potatoes, bread and butter pickles.

Sip an old-fashioned and enjoy the show!

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