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Lima Floral: Lima Flop in London

Lima Floral is the little sibling brother of Lima, Michelin starred restaurant in Fitzrovia and restaurant of the 'group' run the chef Virgilio Martínez, celebrated this year as best chef in the world with his Central (Peru), number 4 of the 50 world's best 2017 .

The restaurant, located in the central area of Soho, keeps a strong South American atmosphere, with simple wooden chairs and tables, Peruvian rugs used as a wall deco and very kind service.

Despite the nice atmosphere and the fame of its owner, food was not impressive.

As I had very little time, I ordered a ceviche with a mix of different fishes and seafood: sea bream, tuna, prawns, octopus (basically one piece of each as it was a micro portion).

Nothing to say on the quality and freshness of the fish (especially the sea bream) or the combination with the dehydrated onions.

What I really minded was the sweet potato cream, too abundant and killing the other delicate flavors with its sweetness, and overall the lack of WOW effect.

The 'classical' ceviche was served with avocado cream, but I do not think that the result would have been more satisfying.

Ceviche is a simple dish and it's difficult to impress... but this time I had the impression that all the controversial elements (that actually greatly contribute to the flavor) were taken out in the attempt to make it a fine dish: coriander above all, garlic (for those who use it) and the crispy cancha corn (only a couple of seeds in the entire dish).

Such a pity, especially for a chef with great ambitious and for a cooking school, the Peruvian one, that is slowing conquering the international palates.

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