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Gordon's wine bar: the oldest wine bar in London

A premise is mandatory: Gordon's wine bar is not the best wine bar in town and we are not writing about it because of their cheese selection...

But Gordon's wine bar is a London institution and probably one of the most fascinating places where to drink a glass of wine (mostly extra-european) and eat a slice of brie, gouda or taleggio.

Opened in 1890, it is the oldest wine bar in London, located right outside the Embankment Tube, in Villiers Street.

During the sunny days, it is possible to sit outside in the terrace, but you should not lose the opportunity to walk few steps down the stairs and explore the underground rooms decorated with wood and dusty champagne bottles, dug into the rock and enlightened with candles (all under the vigilant eyes of Sir Winston Churchill and her Majesty the Queen).

As I said, wines are not the best but prices are cheap and the atmosphere makes it a perfect Sunday afternoon spot!

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