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Holborn Dining room: British pie and gin!

The Holborn Dining room is a British Brasserie that serves as restaurant of the Rosewood hotel in Central London.

The restaurant fully reflects the 'smart opulence' of London with its classy wooden interiors and marble floors blended together with retro lights and an industrial touch.

The bar is very famous for hosting the largest collection of gin bottles of the Capital, with more than 400 gin and 30 tonic but the main reason that should bring you here is the PIE!

The pie is a masterpiece and probably the best interpretation of this British classic in London, with its elegant and 'haughty' crust and the very authentic and spicy filling.

Only one type is offered per season and we were lucky enough to try the most classic of the classics: the mutton pie, filled with slow cooked meat flavored with curry, cumin, coriander (and probably a tiny bit of cinnamon), tomato sauce and potatoes.

The dish was garnished with persimmon and coriander leaves - to provide freshness -, and a separate saucière for curry sauce.

PS. If you go on Sunday for brunch, you will not find the pie in the menu. Do not lose faith and ask the staff: they will do whatever they can to accommodate your request!

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