Madrid / Chocolatería San Ginés: 123 years of chocolate and churros

While walking around Madrid and finding yourself west of Puerta del Sol there will be two things to immediately overtake your senses – a random queue of people standing in front of the antique green doors, and irresistible smell of hot melting chocolate and sweet fried dough.

This will be the moment to stop and say Churroooooos!

The Chocolatería San Ginés was founded in 1894 at the same location it has been settled 123 years after. In the very beginning the house specialty was simple but sufficient chocolate con churros. Over the time the tradition has just got even better.

Apart from the most typical and crafty churros con chocolate, dulce de leche or café con leche, this more than one century old sweet house makes great ice cream and pralines, while the queue for these treats is way shorter in case you have no time to wait.

Not being able to make up our minds praline Vs. ice cream, we went for a marriage of the two: an ice cream called bombon de chocolate.

The tick texture of the frozen dark chocolate that resists from melting even once Madrid’s streets reach almost boiling point was promising a good start.

Moments after, we were those to melt from the deliciousness and savouriness of San Ginés praline ice cream. Most probably it was one of the best chocolate ice cream we have ever tasted.

Perfect temperature, exquisite chocolate quality and just an optimum balance of the chocolate and tangy praline taste to shower the palates, leave the after taste, but also make some cocoa traces around our lips. A proof of goodness!

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