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Madrid / Taberna Averias: discovering the Spanish wine regions along the Douro river

The next wine bar we have encountered was more by chance than by choice, however we didn’t regret a bit.

If you are looking for a place to cozy up or spend quality time while waiting for your table at one of the gastronomic spots in Calle de Ponzano, Taberna Averias is a great place to check in.

You will get a chance to try a bull's tail empanada or other typical bites (food is not their main strength though) but most of all discover a wide variety of Spanish wines offered by glass and more than kindly poured to you by very hospitable staff who will be willing to switch several glasses until you make up your choice.

Speaking of wines, two Spanish Denominación de Origen (DO) won our hearts: Toro and Ribera del Duero.

For the first one, a special mention goes to the wines produced by Abdon Segovia.

Regarding the second one, a glass of the aged Avan is probably the best choice you can make at Taberna Averias (a bit pricey).

Full bodied, slightly spiced but well balanced with tannin, these Spanish red will help you understand the rich oenological culture this country is known for, and - in most of the cases - experience good value for money products.

Raise your glass with pride, do an out loud Salud! and embrace the moment of experiencing a tiny yet fully packed (both in bottles and people) taverna with great spirits (both ambiental and alcoholic) and true sociable atmosphere.

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