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Madrid / Tinto y Tapas: Empanadas Madrid style

Another foodie tip which you can easily tick on your way to El Retiro Park is Tinto y Tapas.

More than tinto - meaning red (wine) - and tapas, this place is excellent for empanadas.

In case you didn’t know the name empanada comes from the Spanish verb `empanar`, meaning to wrap or coat in bread.

At Tinto y Tapas, these two-bite stuffed pastries are freshly made on the spot, while the filling options are decently versatile, starting from different types of meat, cheese or veggies.

While trying out quite a few (meat with peppers, cheese and jamon, ...), our recommendation goes to those with cheese and onions - queso y cebolla.

Its sweet flavor makes them simply melt in your mouth, while being more than easy to be paired either with red or white wine.

The wine list is 100% Spanish but not that long, so do ask for recommendation based on your taste - for a lunch DO Bierzo would do the job (but if you prefer something lighter go for a DO Alicante).

We recommend it for quick lunches, but if an empanada doesn’t fulfill your appetite do grab a salad, quiche or a toast - better if with anchovies.

The best part of Tinto y Tapas is its buffet kind of offer displayed on the bar so make sure to take advantage and create a fresh, homemade tasting on your own.

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