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Madrid / Ten con Ten: To see and be seen

There is a general thought of Madrid being a posh city.

Go to Salamanca area and you will witness it yourself. However, Salamanca is far from being posh in the negative sense.

Moreover, it stands for a very elegant neighborhood, with plenty of classical and well maintained residential buildings, high-end fashion, baby and home stores and fancy restaurants and bars.

Within this distinguished and cosmopolitan atmosphere you will find yourself walking next to very stylish people, sophisticated, upscale madrileños and local celebrities who all flock to this bustling zone.

Nevertheless, if you don’t do your booking upfront at some of the current hot spots, you are likely to run across a restaurant that is fully booked for the night or even nights ahead.

As many other to see and to be seen places spread across the streets of Salamanca, there is an Asturian-inspired restaurant that has lately been on everyone's must-do list, named Ten con Ten.

This chic and buzzy is place ideal for various occasions: pre-dinner or after-work drinks, business lunches, romantic to group dinners.

The modern bourgeois look of Ten con Ten is split into two well-defined spaces: a massive rectangular bar area surrounded with tall wooden tables and a classier dining room located at the back.

Being on fire to explore as many places as possible within this area, we stopped here only for cocktails.

The 'My oldfashion' will not leave you disappointed: a variation of the original one but rhum-based, sweetened with azucar moreno and completed with a shot of ginger beer.

Milder in taste but aesthetically more attractive, the Ten-tation will conquer more delicate palates with its champagne base served with ginger beer and passion fruit.

Speaking of the food, where this place stands out is in those dishes with local roots, such as Asturian beans, oxtail, roasted octopus, queen scallops..

We didn’t go that far so we cannot judge, but hopefully the service is faster than the barista who was in charge of our cocktails!

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