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Madrid / Mamá Framboise: Sweet love affair

If you are into fine desserts that don’t just look nice but also taste good, very cozy ambiance and large cups of foamy cappuccino, then Mamá Framboise is the place to head off.

Decorated in the style of 1920’s, this place is usually packed with people who sit there for quite a time so do equip yourself with patience before indulging in this sweet heaven.

Led by the skillful hands and very creative mind of Alejandro Montes – multiple times awarded pastry chef from Asturias, Spain –, it offers a decent variety of desserts that somehow combine both French and Spanish pastry influences.

As at Mamá Framboise coffee never stands alone on the table, and considering that there are better places for weight watching, we ordered an espresso and a carrot cake.

The espresso was average but served in some nice vintage cups.

The cake comes in a small format but it will fill your needs easily with its moist base topped with carrot ganache and soft chocolate crumble.

The result is a very rich (in both texture and flavors) pastry, with a base that has the tendency to be slightly too sweet but a topping that manages to mitigate properly the risk!

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