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Barcelona: Can Cisa Bar Brutal: literally an awesome bar

More awesome than brutal once it gets translated from Catalan, Bar Brutal is for sure a unique looking place inside out.

Starting from the rather spooky plastic brain with spoon sticking out that is proudly placed just at the entrance, fake animal heads hung on the wall, all the way to pieces of wall covered in scribbles, movie posters or even better meters of wine bottles representing a contemporary celler.

Apart from its amusing décor, Bar Brutal is known for its natural, biodynamic wine selection which they try to update as often as possible, and its short but craftily reinvented list of tapas.

During our Barcelona bar hopping we stopped by here and tried a very peculiar yellowish wine from Celler Mendall, named BB2 (garnacha blanca). It was quite special in taste and had a strong but tickling kick in the palate.

We also had a sip of their red vermouth. Ok but not the best.

Unlike very traditional places across Spanish capitals, Bar Brutal is a place you go for the sake of experiencing something different but it won’t come with Spanish generosity (not a single tapas comes for free).

However, wherever you choose your seat, a great view on artsy things is guaranteed, while the long community table that occupies the entrance area is picture-perfect for larger groups or for mingling with strangers.

In the back of the room there are also smaller tables for more intimate meet ups, or a neat bar where you can get the tips on the house specials straight from the bartender.

The Bar Brutal gets even more “brutal” in the evening hours where this place like a thief in the night dresses up in a more party costume, plays some funky music and spreads awesomeness all around.

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