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Barcelona / Cerveceria Catalana: a modern tapas experience

Another landmark tapas place in Barcelona that earned to get our review.

Head off to the “Catalan Brewery” in the early hours as like that you will manage to skip the long queue of people who all flock to this place with great appetite and curiosity.

This restaurant is nothing like a traditional Spanish bar but blends well the modern décor, practical interior set up, a long bar, a separated fish counter, and even a veggie rack which traditionally doesn’t fit the famous “food vitrine” found in old fashioned places but in this case adds freshness to the room.

The food love affair is going on at high speed. The staff is running around and performing a well-organized service, waiters behind the bar multi-task all the time, but the result they bring to the table is more than successful, which makes multinational guests keep on munching.

The menu is very well organized so even though you are not very familiar with Catalan specials, you can easily navigate through the list of different food categories.

Starting from “montanditos” – a sort of canapes with versatile toppings, then flauta – a kind of a long flute looking short sandwich with different filling, all the way to the inevitable tapas like patatas bravas that are extremely bravas (well done for the sauce!), grilled seafood, meat treats, all kinds salads to balance your meal, anchovies, olives, Spanish omlette…

And as it is always the case in Spain – the best part of it all is that you can order various dishes and have a bite of almost everything that your heart desires.

Pull a break at some point and just observe the carousel of different dishes distributed to tables, you will definitely get inspired!

Have a draft or two along the way and get ready to walk the streets of Barca. After this tapas runaway you will be in need.

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