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Milan / Pescaria: a sandwich filled with the south of Italy

North and South.

The financial capital of Italy and a beautiful fisherman town in Puglia.

A fast moving international city and the joyful calm of the South.

Milan and Polignano a Mare.

One thing in common: the best fish sandwich you will probably eat in a while.

Pescaria is a fish shop rethought as smart street food: fresh fish, high quality ingredients, interesting recipes and sophisticated decor inspired to the colors of sun and sea.

Probably because of the trendy location, the Isola neighborhood in Milan, or the opportunity to 'smell' the sea in a city located far away from it, or simply because Pescaria serves what is currently the best fish in Milan, waiting in line for a long time is worth every single effort.

A lustful bite to the octopus sandwich will indeed reward you and your patience with a playful contrast of sweet and bitter alternated to the soft crunchiness of a generous 150 g portion of fried tentacles.

Fresh fish, the bitterness of sauteed chicory with garlic and olive oil, the freshness of ricotta and black pepper, the sweetness of cooked figs must sauce, the natural saltiness of anchovies' oil...

In its simplicity, this dish is a small masterpiece, an homage to complementarity and genuineness of flavors, homage to the agriculture tradition and synthesis of the south of Italy in two slices of fragrant bread.

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