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Turin / Guido Gobino: best chocolate in town

Via Lagrange is one of the most interesting streets in Turin: it's the address of the Egyptian Museum (largest collection in the world outside Egypt), Eataly Incontra, one of the Eataly shops, and the Bottega of Guido Gobino, the best chocolate shop of Turin.

Giuseppe Gobino, father of Guido, started working in the cocoa business in 1950 specializing in the production of the local chocolate products, such as Giandujotto, an upturned boat shaped chocolate made of chocolate and hazelnuts and Gianduja spread cream.

In the 90's, Guido took over the family business with a focus on new technologies, artisanal production processes and new products.

The innovation brought by Guido Gobino, the quality of ingredients and the exquisite taste of his products made the brand internationally known and appreciated.

In 2008, the Sea Salt cremino with extra vergin olive oil was awarded as as “the world’s best praline” by the “Academy of Chocolate” of London.

Gobino chocolates (and giandujotti in particular) are unique in their balance of natural bitterness and sweetness. The chocolate perfectly melts in the mouth in a creamy and powerful taste. Definitively the best chocolate in town.

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