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Milan / Pisacco: honest cuisine, starred signature

In Brera neighborhood, in front of the trendy pizzeria Dry – already reviewed by Hungry Italian in Town – and in the well-known via Solferino, the starred chef Andrea Berton and a group of food passionate opened a bistro in 2013 with the objective is to serve quality food at reasonable price.

The bistro is built on two floors very different from each other: the ground floor is very modern with two long iron tables and walls painted with black and red floral (and not only) motif; the level -1 is instead a bit more ‘anonymous’ with its pale walls and setting. It looks like being in two different restaurants and, honestly, better the first one.

One of the main reason to pay a visit to the restaurant is the ‘Berton’ burger, but only if you are not a ‘greasy’ type and prefer the taste of an honest patty of beef over anything else: the burger is indeed ‘essential’ with its piedmontese beef patty and the homemade bun and mayo.

I used to like it very much even if last time I was there – on a Sunday – I found the patty relatively smaller than usual and quite dry. I hope it was just a one-time miss.

The rest of the menu offers different options ranging from Italian classics – vitello tonnato and Milanese risotto – to interesting combinations of 3/4 ingredients resulting in a short but complete list of vegetarian, fish and meat dishes.

Certainly a restaurant to try, especially considering the strategic position in one of the hottest area of the Milanese movida.

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