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Milan / Burgez: Ctrl C + Ctrl V Shake Shack in Italy

The story of how Burgez was created – 3 years ago – can be found on their website: a young man, in NYC to change his life outside Italy meets an old homeless guy who offers him an old diary with the 100-years old family recipe of a sandwich with meat – a burger.

The story adds a fascinating aspect to a fast food business and it could also be the case that our young man, running from one avenue to another of the Big Apple tightening the knot of the tie to get ready for interviews or while reading the pages of the old diary making up his mind on the potential new business, could have found himself in Madison Square Park and, hungry, ‘sunk the teeth’ into the greasy bun of one of the burgers of the local Shake Shack.

I’m sure the story holds true but I’m also sure that the lucky ones who had the opportunity to try the burgers with the curly fries of Shake Shack and the version of the Milanese Burgez may have noticed some similarities.

Said that, a double patty cheeseburgeZ is everything you may crave for in a soft and soaked potato flour bun and a tasty and juicy meat – and everything you should probably stay away from for the sake of your coronaries.

If you want to try it, there are three locations available in Milan but also the opportunity to order it online and have it delivered by Foodora. Just make sure to have enough napkins around… and do not forget to breath while you are eating!

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