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Milan / Iter: ‘high-degree’ travel around the world

There are 3 options to choose among if you plan to embark on a trip around the world starting from Milan: Linate airport, Malpensa airport and Iter.

After one of the most fascinating speakeasy – 1930 – and smallest bar in the world – Backdoor –, on September 13, the MAG family decided to open a new concept cocktail bar in via Fusetti, accessible from a narrow passage of Ripa di Porta Ticinese, on the main Naviglio.

Iter comes from the Latin word ‘journey’, a word that implies the concept of movement. And indeed, the décor talks about travels, from the panel of a gate to the propeller of a plane to the menu printed in black and white postcards.

Iter will ‘visit’ a new country every six months. During the six month, the menu will contain only cocktails made with spirits produced or bottled in the selected country.

The first 6 months will focus on Italy, its tradition of Vermouth and bitters and the more recent gin trend – often variation of the world famous Negroni – but the talent of the guys behind the beautiful wooden counter will allow for some unexplored areas and in-house spirit, such as the Maple Spirit aged 15 months combined with Speakeasy whiskey and calabrese gin torbato.

Nothing to say, only admiration… Flavio Angiolillo and Marco Russo, the minds behind MAG and beyond, are shaping completely the cocktail scene in Milan, offering multiple options for drink lovers and playing a central role in a city that is living again the optimism, energy and wellbeing of the glorious ‘Milano da bere’.

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