Belgrade / Zona Industriale: anytime cappuccino

After having eaten burek and walked quite a lot around the market, some would say you have earned a rakija (traditional fruit brandy) to help the digestion, but instead you may go for the second favourite drink of the Serbs – coffee.

Being an Italian, drinking cappuccino is reserved only for the morning, so accepting any other way would usually be a no go. Yet, Belgrade makes you lose control, forget all the rules and do whatever your heart desires. So be it. A cappuccino whenever. A very good one that we have discovered is located on the way back to the city centre (direction lady Belgradian).

If the weather allows pick a nice chair on the street that belongs to the bar “Zona Industriale” and go for a milky, foamy, (remember: the best are in Italy) cappuccino.

Enjoy the view and feel good around the locals. Most probably the majority of faces that will be surrounding you are people living next door.

Despite this area not being the prettiest, it is still considered a very good quarter to live in, so the crowd will very much reflect this fact.

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