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Belgrade / Kafeterija: 900 hipster-looking square meters smelling of roasted coffee

A global movement of turning abounded factories, breweries and hangars into contemporary restaurants, hotels and bars has been far reaching in mainly all capitals worldwide.

However, when a building dating from 1907th made in Art Nouveau style puts on a new dress, keeps the old charm and turns into a coffee shop on four floors, it overcomes its purpose and becomes a breath-taking site.

After being closed for a decade, what used to be Belgrade’s first department store, it has now become the biggest coffee shop in this part of Europe, spread across 900m2.

Within the space that is distributed over the four floors and cut with a labyrinth of magnificent stairway and marble floor, come across many tables, coffee counters, art pieces that are perfectly combined with rustic wall canvases, glass, concrete, wooden and iron interior elements, making this space truly extraordinary yet not “heavy” and overwhelming.

The special selection lays in more than a dozen high quality coffee blends and grains that come from the far land and in most cases are rare to find. The skilful craft of the coffee baristas once mixed with exceptional grain and high-end equipment results in a cup of exceptional coffee.

Knowing that many of us don’t necessarily have an in-depth knowledge in different coffee blends, Kafeterija created an interesting menu guide that uses a simple constellation-looking graphic to explain flavour differences and taste balances.

After going up and down the space and admiring its architectural value but also its contemporary interpretation, we have pretty much discovered it all. The street garden and the 3 floors to choose among for that perfect coffee experience, the last floor as a playground for kids, and the basement with a barber shop and concept store, just for the sake of keeping the “department store” spark and enriching the overall customer experience.

As a refreshment you may find also all kinds of freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, selected dessert and quick savoury bites. A combination of quality coffee and quite impressive site is definitely recognised among both locals and foreigners, but luckily for all many seats can still accommodate almost everyone who steps in. Even though Kafeterija stands for a coffee shop chain with already 8 locations in 2 cities, it has been successfully resisting the commercial influence of investing more in the “packaging” than in the “content”. So far it has been a fair trade-off and we will be happy to continue our coffee tasting the very next time.

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