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Belgrade / Spice up shop: the world in jars

In the maze of all kinds of designer stores in a district located in the heart of Belgrade, we had our jaws dropping once we discovered a spice oasis.

The shop Spice Up is run by a young and very charismatic entrepreneur who after cursing around the USA decided to start a family business and literally spice up the neighbourhood.

The size of the shop is rather small but big enough to store over 100 types of spices and 30 spice mixtures that cross long way to arrive from every corner of the globe: Asia, South America, Africa, Australia to Europe.

The set up is as well very interesting and resembles an antique, a bit archaic space filled with tall wooden shelves, framed spice illustrations and pieces of equipment. Entering such a well of spices definitely requires a proper guidance to make the right choice. Right there is the moment when creativity and purposeful ideas become a unique kind of seasoning.

Not only are the packages unified as petite mini glass jars and labelled with adequate names and expiry dates, also, each comes with a card of quick tips how to use a spice, which helps you learn but also prevents from forgetting.

As many retail concepts as such, faces of a store probably count as much as the selection. This is where the owners of Spice Up definitely know how to make an entrance and Human Up the atmosphere.

Apart from unobtrusive behaviour and positive spirits, the owner will take you through all the spices you may be interested in, share his very favourite ones and how he uses them, openly speak about those that aren’t exactly his “jar of spice”...

Such an inspiring narrative will most probably make you feel like being in a candy shop where suddenly you want it all. Take your time and wisely choose your selection.

Our recommendation definitely goes to Tasmanian pepper, Chilly, Smoked Salt, Smoked Paprika, Estragon… Actually to many, many more, as indeed apart from the personal taste, making a wrong choice is actually impossible.

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