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Belgrade / Hotel Moscow: jade green lady Moscow

Green as the jade, one century old lady hotel Moscow stands for one of Belgrade classics.

Just like a national museum or a city library, Hotel Moscow has a special place in the heart of many locals. In the eyes of elderly population, hotel Moscow is still a spot to dress up for and make it an afternoon or evening meet up.

For others, hotel Moscow stands for a symbol of some of the best Austrian-Hungarian style cakes, while for others it is likely to be an optimal spot for a quick catch up, coffee or business lunch.

The entire venue has been recently renovated but without a desire to necessarily undergo a plastic surgery. More to just powder its nose and continue bearing its age with dignity and pride.

Hotel Moscow isn’t a place where you will find macarons, sorbets or moussey cake. No. It is too Frenchie for this veteran Balkan lady. But you will find a very good Sacher, a signature Moscow slice (that over time is getting thinner and thinner but the taste is still there), Alexander cake with ice cream, named after the king of Serbia, and many others rich in filling, layers, crust, nuts, chocolate, fruits, and moreover decades long recipes, craft, historical influences and tradition.

During the long patisserie expedition you will find yourself on the very top and just like us discover the Mont Blanc. An old fashioned dessert made with natural chestnut paste, flavoured with rum and crowned with homemade whipped cream. It won’t be a Mont Blanc to climb on though, but certainly a dessert to scoop out until the very bottom.

Some places definitely make you travel through time, and although nowadays hotel Moscow has become quite a busy place with no clear profile of its visitors, an evergreen spark is still there, perceived through its decor, tasted through its desserts, carried along by its old-school waiters and sang along by its piano player.

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