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Seattle / Foreign National: balanced cocktails in a noisy speakeasy

Leaving Melrose Ave, to my opinion THE gourmet hub of Seattle, for East Pike st, prolongation in Capitol Hill of the street hosting the main market of the city, will bring you in front of a dark door with a stylized star.

The door hides a speakeasy-style cocktail bar, very dark inside, quite small, packed and therefore pretty noisy. Despite that, the atmosphere is good, especially if you are accompanied by a group of friends: not the right place for a date or sipping cocktails while meditating about life.

The list of cocktails is very interesting because of its oriental influence in both names and ingredients. Cocktails are overall well balanced, tasty but probably not to fall from the chair.

The most complete one is the Osaka#1, a blend of Japanese whisky, vermouth blanc and a spritz of Ardberg served with the citric note of lemon and yuzu and the sweet one of anise and orgeat. Lightly smoky and sweet, the drink results dry and well balanced.

The most audacious (and by definition my favorite) is the Spring Gibson with its salty attitude given by shiitake mushroom infused vermouth and fermented spring garlic mixed with gin and soy brine.

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