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Seattle / Canon: try to read the menu if you can!

A couple of blocks away from the Seattle University, in an area of Capitol Hill reachable after a stroll in a lively Union st, full of not properly sober school kids, you will find one of the most famous cocktail bars in the United States: Canon.

Canon’s popularity is due to its large collection of spirits (the largest in America), the fact of having been listed in the world’s 50 best bars for a few years and having received several accolades since its opening in 2012.

The menu counts more than 4000 labels distributed across a digital 160+ pages-menu. To be very honest with you, I found it a bit pointless: I doubt people spend time going through the list while they can easily ask for a recommendation or for the availability of the favorite drink – in most of the case, abundance produces the same consequences of the lack of it!

Said that, the service is very good, friendly and adequately trained, and will be happy to guide you through the uncountable number of bottles packed on the wooden shelves of the bar or the cocktail menu, hosting classic and signature drinks, including some vintage version made with spirits dating early 20th century and costing more than 200 dollars.

The best you can get is probably the Campfire in Georgia cocktail: a mezcal-based drink with peach-habanero shrub, fresh oj and bitter, smoked burning cinnamon French oak. A good mix of flavors, lightly spicy – with the sweetness of cinnamon and peach to counterbalance habanero – and a persistent smoky note – probably due to the glass and ice cubes to be smoked before pouring the liquid.

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