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Luxembourg / The Farm: from the farm to the plate

Hollerich at the moment seems like the undergrowth in Autumn, with restaurants popping out like mushrooms after rain. The Farm is the third character of this story, the third restaurant giving a new temporary life to an area intended to be demolished to leave space to housing units.

Huge clocks, wooden tables and carpets give a new utilitarian-chic identity to the pale yellow tiles and concrete pavements that used to be the setting of a ‘catering house’.

Each of the old room finds now a new purpose: from the kitchen, sitting in the old pastry section, to the dining room, occupying the space dedicated to the savory preparations, ending up with the old cellars, now converted in food and wine storage or in cozy gourmet corners perfect to ‘grignoter quelque chose’ while drinking a glass of wine.

The name does not leave room for interpretation to the concept of the restaurant.

All the ingredients, from cheese to meat and veggies, are supplied by local farms located in a range of 50 km from Luxembourg, and simply prepared in a short selection of dishes changing daily: two starters, two main and one dessert making the decision straight forward and avoiding chaos in the kitchen.

Only exception to the ‘fresh and LOCAL’ concept – but not to the organic one – is the wine, where the choice is left to French and Spanish labels… but you know: love for wine knowns no boundaries!

If you are not willing to play roulette with the list, trust the friendly advice of Franz and Rostislava, the charming owners that you probably had already the pleasure to experience as hosts in Vins Fins (in the Grund).

Whether it is a Crianza from Spain, mild and rounded despite the powerful alcoholic note of its grapes, or a red from Vallée de l’Aude, with its red fruit and vanilla aromas, they will lead you to the choice and the result will very likely be a smile stamp on your face!

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