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Seattle / Tilikum Place Café: I got my brunch!

The memories that I have of certain places are sometimes linked to the playlist that was playing during the meal.

When I think about Tilikum Place Café, the European-inspired brunch kingdom of chef Ba Culbert in Belltown, the notes are those of Nina Simone and her deep, dramatic and powerful voice, able to bring order and peace in a very popular and chaotic hub of the Seattle’s weekends.

People come in and out to grab eggs and quiche or just for a made-to-order infused coffee, a cappuccino or a freshly squeezed orange juice.

The sun coming in from the large iron framed windows sheds lights on a relatively simple diner room with wooden tables and chairs and an open kitchen that looks very chaotic but at the same time extremely relaxed and stress-free.

The Eggs Benedict are totally worth the visit as the eggs are extremely fresh and usually served with seasonal ingredients: salad, watermelon, yellow tomatoes… The excess of calm in the kitchen may sometimes results in a very soft and not properly grilled bread and an overall lack of crunchiness in the dish that is still very pleasant.

Despite not being a huge dessert guy, I have to recommend to pair your coffee with another specialty of the house, Dutch Babies, very soft pancake-style dough base topped in a very generous sweet or salty way: in my case, the combination of ricotta, blueberry and lemon was absolutely delicious!

“I got my hair, got my head

Got my brains, got my ears

Got my eyes, got my nose

Got my mouth

I got my smile”

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