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Seattle / Din Tai Fung: X-I-A-O L-O-N-G B-A-O

I know it’s a chain… and I know it’s in a mall… and I know that it cannot be as good as the ones in Taipei, Singapore or Hong Kong… but I cannot resist from ordering the Xiao Long Bao – soup dumplings – of Din Tai Fung!

The first time I tried them it was in Chengdu, capitol of the Chinese Sichuan province, during a trip with a friend looking for giant pandas – but that’s another story!

It was so good that it was too difficult to resist the temptation to try them again in Seattle… moreover, Sunday afternoons/evenings are not particularly inspiring in the Emerald (?) city!

The long line outside could be the only good reason that will make you give up but if you are alone, there is also the opportunity to queue inside the restaurant and sit at the counter.

Once seated, it is just a matter of spelling properly Xiao Long Bao and you will be rewarded with 10 incredibly juicy dumplings filled with a very flavorful pork broth trapped in gelatin cubes that gently melt with steam…

Repeat with me: X-I-A-O L-O-N-G B-A-O!

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