Seattle / Top Pot Doughnuts: artisanal hand-forged donuts

The name of the place will easily mislead you on the main specialty of the house: no stock, no broth, no burnt tongs!

Top pot is actually the name of chain of coffee and doughnut cafes started in 2002 in Capitol Hill and now counting several stores around Seattle.

The origin of the name is quite peculiar. Years before starting the first café, the owners decided to buy the old and rusty neon sign of a Chinese restaurant called ‘Topspot’. With the past of time, the ‘s’ fell off leaving the sign with the final name.

The selection is wide but we decided to opt for a great classic and a simply sugar glazed Old Fashioned: hand-forged tick doughnut, quite dry but moist inside resulting in a much lighter feeling in the palate and less sweet taste than the ones we are used too… A great option for breakfast!

PS. If you find yourself in 5th avenue and are not running to the office, take a seat on the first floor and its nice setting of old books diligently aligned on the wooden shelves.

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