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Luxembourg / Chiche: french-sounding middle eastern flavors

Chiche is the second pop up restaurant opened by the Luxembourger crew composed by Pitt, Marianne, Frédérique et Isabelle who opened Syriously and that offers middle-eastern food in the Hollerich neighborhood.

Talking about Chiche without mentioning Syriously is quite a challenging task: they share similar stories, supportive Luxembourg entities, same chaotic way of collecting orders (it’s part of the charm though), same design studio, same irony in writing the menu...

The main difference is represented by Chadi Bekdach, the man who brought in Chiche a level of expertise in food and hospitality industry that was partially missing in the homey kitchen of the sibling experience of Syriously.

Please do not take me wrong: Syriously offers the great taste of Syria ‘forged’ by the wise hands of the ladies running the kitchen in a very cozy atmosphere – difficult to replicate in Luxembourg, especially in summer – and this is the key of its well-deserved success.

For Chiche, the keyword is consistency: consistency in food offer, consistency in recipes, consistency in execution...

Chiche’s menu has a larger (and qualitatively) better meat selection with grilled lamb chops and homemade sausages combined to a wider range of action and inspiration across Middle East (not only Syria) and ‘barbarian cuisine’ – the chicken liver is an example.

The number of seats and the availability of private dining rooms, together with a more ‘urban’ look, make it perfect for big groups of people and will probably allow to welcome the ‘shipwrecked’ customers of Syriously that will close its door in the current location at the end of February.

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