Luxembourg / Lady Jane: can you keep a secret?

Luxembourg got its first speakeasy-style cocktail bar on a cold night of December. A veil of rain was covering the cobblestone pavement of rue Sigefroi on the way to the white and stickered door of Lady Jane.

The emotion was so great that after pronouncing the word ‘Quercus’ at the doorbell and climbing the stairs, I had the impression I was seeing trees, upside down lamps and even a peacock!

Wait wait… I actually saw them all and they were real!

The credits for the interior design, one of the best and most unique so far in Luxembourg, goes to the good taste of the owners – the same as Steiler – and to Hendrick’s Gin who sponsored the bar and made it his HQ in Luxembourg.

The sponsorship, as expected, had also an impact on the gin selection where the only one available is the representative of the Scottish distillery, served in its most known combination with tonic (please remove that giant slices of cucumber!) and a couple of other sweet and floral options.

While the gin selection is very limited, the cocktail menu has an interesting breadth of combinations and flavors that includes great classics, revisited with new ‘geographical and across-the-border’ identities (from the Bloody Mary with mezcal to the Pisco Sour with the greek Skinos Mastiha), a couple of Luxembourg-inspired cocktails (identity and origins are always a good idea in a menu) and a few brave and iconic drinks that show a certain personality behind the shaker (Bourbon and peanut butter or Beetroot infused vodka and orange wine).

All in all, a very interesting addition to the Luxembourg scene – personally most enjoyable at the beginning of the night when the jazz notes can spread around without miserably losing the battle with the clubbing beats of the downstairs neighbor.

I was about to forget… My favorites!

For the palate, Under the oak tree: Tequila Patrón Reposado infused with Chamomile, agave syrup and Grand Marnier for a lightly sweet, floral and citric cocktail.

For the heart, Childhood memories: Hunnegdrepp, apple schnapps and salty caramel syrup to recall grandma’s apple pie.

For the glory, Root of all pleasure: Beetroot infused Vodka Stoli Elit, chestnut liquor and the mushy taste of orange wine for an earthy and seasonal cocktail (but keep in mind: only for the brave and curious ones).

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