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Seattle / Dahlia Bakery: vegan-friendly bakery with coconut signature

Hope you agree with me when I say that Americans have a very good way to market themselves and magnify their products.

Dahlia Bakery is the home of the ‘world famous’ triple coconut cream pie… I travelled a lot, lived in a couple of continents and eaten in more but I do not remember hearing/reading about it: my fault!

The triple coconut cream pie is a pastry based basket filled with regular and coconut flavored coconut whipped cream. Good, not mind-blowing. The choice of the pastry dough for the base makes it easier to eat without the risk of creating a catastrophic layer of crumbles on the table.

The bakery is also specialized in French pastries – that look a bit dry and pricey though –, available as well in their vegan version. Bread looks very good but I did not have the chance to put my teeth on it. Hot beverages are very good and they offer you the opportunity to opt for almond or soy milk at no extra cost.

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