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Seattle / Single Shot: a menu that is a music sheet of taste sensations

I will be very honest with you: memories of the dinner at Single Shot are a bit ‘foggy’.

Stop there! I know it will be difficult for you to believe but alcohol is not at all responsible for that. The reason is that I was seriously jet-lagged. Jet-lag hits me really hard when I travel from east to west and leave me almost untouched the other way (I know that for most of the people is exactly the opposite but what to do!).

Said that, I really wanted to try this restaurant in Capitol Hill and the company was great too!

If you walk to the restaurant from downtown, you will notice passing through areas with broken pavement (wasn’t Capitol Hill the fancy area of Seattle?) but your final destination will welcome you with an elegant door and a proper French style brasserie with tables disposed on one side of the room – by definition all of them very close to each other.

The menu is extremely well thought and each dish, could it be a salad or a main, always mixes ingredients that provide a specific taste sensation: figs and black garlic for the sweetness, cucumber for the bitterness, apple for the sour, almonds and macadamia to add a note of fat… the result is always very pleasant, maybe not hazardous, but absolutely tasty and fresh.

Rarely menus show such an attention! On top of that, plating is very good too without being too fancy and therefore able to accommodate any taste.

PS. Go for the Carlton Farms Pork Chop… The dish is absolutely delicious!

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