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Seattle / FareStart: food to start a new life

People without home and disadvantaged men and women have the opportunity to take on a new start in their life with FareStart. The restaurant was created with the objective to allocate revenue and gratuities to support job trainings and placement programs.

The place itself is very simple with a long community table in the middle of the room and a relative basic setting all around. The entrance is an homage to the company donors who support the project as well as the guest chefs that on Thursday visit FareStart and help students delivering 3-courses menu dinners.

As you probably had the opportunity to understand, having good and ‘high’ intentions without proposing good food is not enough to ingratiate Hungry Italian in Town. We really care about food and we expect any activity, regardless of the final cause (profit / nonprofit), to be respectful and fair with their guests.

FareStart delivers very good food: salads and sandwiches are simple and not pretentious but fresh, properly done and correctly priced. Our suggestion for a perfect lunch is to go for the beet salad, a rich mix of fresh and roasted red and yellow beetroot, a pinch of quinoa, goat cheese, orange and the sweet and crunchy delicate addition of candied walnuts!

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