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Recipe / Raw (or marinated) red prawns: my favorite food

It is more than one year that I want to open a recipe section on this blog. The reason why I waited so long is certainly not the lack of inspiration or hunger! Lack of time is the one to be blamed.

But I promised myself starting from 2018 I will dedicate some time to share with you some of the recipes I like the most, some of the traditional recipes of my homeland and, sometimes, some ‘experiments’ that I found particularly ‘successful’.

Please keep in mind though that I will not be as detailed as in other blogs when it comes to measures and time. I do not want to teach how to cook… it is not my job and I would not be good at that!

On the contrary, my goal is first of all to share my passion, give you some hints I learnt on the way and, most importantly, poking your fantasy with ingredients and combination of flavors. At the end of the day, cooking is an act of love and each one of us loves the way he/she wants!

The first recipe is a very simple one but the main ingredient may be extremely difficult to find: red prawn from Mazara del Vallo!

Mazara del Vallo is a fisherman village near Trapani in Sicily. The village is known for its fleet of fishermen boats that manages to take out of the sea the best the Mediterranean has to offer.

The dish is extremely easy to prepare: just remove the shell while keeping the head and make a small cut in the back to remove the spine (it has a bitter taste).

At this point, you have 2 options: either to eat it raw (preferred) or give it a short marinate (max 10 min) with few drops of lemon juice, a round of olive oil and a bit of black pepper.

The taste is mind-blowing: strong mineral taste with a natural fat that makes it melt in your mouth… my favorite food on earth!

Ps. Do not forget to suck the head… it’s the best part!


  • Fresh red prawns from Mazara del Vallo: as many as you can eat

  • Black pepper, olive oil and lemon juice: only if you like it

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