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Chamonix / Micro Brasserie de Chamonix: american bar food in local brewpub

It’s Saturday afternoon. You woke up early today to be among the first on the slopes and avoid the line to get the skipass. The first day of skiing is over, you had just a quick bite for lunch and would like to get a beer and some snacks before a proper and deserved dinner.

Just a bit outside the city center, there is a small brewery called Micro-brasserie de Chamonix… Founded in 2002, the MBC will welcome you with the strong smell of beer – ça va sans dire – that is appropriate to a bar, the wooden furniture of a mountain restaurant and a full North American menu, not really common in a country that associates the word brasserie to magret de canard (duck breast) and terrine (spread) – not really a surprise though as most of the skiers in the area are Anglophone.

Indeed, the menu offers a long list of burgers (veggie, chicken and beef) – didn’t try them though – and some very ‘traditional’ bar snacks as nachos and chicken wings:

  • very honestly, the nachos are probably among the best I tried in Europe and reminded me of some I had in Austin, Texas, a couple of years ago: generous cheese and jalapeno topping combined with crispy tortillas… greasy as it should be but good!

  • the chicken wings – relatively small in size compared to the US equivalent (blame the hormones) – are served in 3 different sauces: the hot jalapeno one will make you cry… make sure to have your beer glass full before eating them!

Ps. Make sure not to go overboard with food! You need to make some space for the dinner… there is a surprise waiting for you!

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