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Chamonix / Altitude 2000: last lunch of the weekend

It’s the last day of our short weekend. Brévent and Flégère are the closest mountains accessible from Chamonix with a gondola lift and the best option if you need to hit the road for long ride back home.

The sun is shining and the mountain peaks look so sharp that they could cut the blue of the sky like a Fontana painting.

Hop and go down the hill!

Going down black and red slopes can be a good workout, sometimes rewarded by wonderful views, sometimes by ruinous falls, but in any case deserving a good lunch.

Even for myself, who started skiing very late and still prefers blue over other colors (but does not dislike the unfortunate contact face-fresh snow), a filling lunch is always perceived as a reward!

At 1999m, in Plan Praz, you will find Altitude 2000, a restaurant with a beautiful view on the Mont Blanc range and several years of operations at high altitude. It’s one of the first time that I write (and will write positively) about a place with very negative reviews on the internet:

  1. It’s crowded: it’s true and does not offer a self-service option. Still, we managed to get a table in 10 min and if you are in a rush there are other food options around!

  2. It’s expensive: that’s new for a skiing resort! Apart for discussing what is obvious, coke is priced around 6.5 euros. Get some water. Your body will thank you.

  3. Food is terrible: I agree, if you order lasagna, spaghetti Bolognese or pizza (rarely seen something so flat in my life) you will make a mistake you will regret. But let’s be honest: these 3 recipes are among the most mistreated on the entire planet and Altitude 2000 is not an exception. On the contrary, eat local, try the traditional dishes and the mountain recipes: croûte à la tomate – a slice of bread cooked with white wine and topped with cheese and tomato sauce –, pélà – similar to tartiflette with potatoes, onions, cheese and bacon –, and a classic apple pie – I was impressed with the execution.

Well, it’s time to go back home. Hope you enjoyed the weekend!

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