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Luxembourg / Waissen Haff: Descending climax

The restaurant of Christophe Petra is a renovated farm in Sandweiler, a 2-floor huge stable where the chef brought in all the pride of his Provence origin and olive oil production but also some kitsch hand painted décor.

The menu respects all the canons of the classic French haute cuisine: rich and opulent ingredients, strong flavors…

Truffle is the main character of the amuse bouche, as topping of the porcini soup or simply sliced, preserved in olive oil and served on warm bread – the best bite of the menu.

After the amuse bouche, unfortunately, the decline.

The starter is the perfect way to waste a lobster. The king of the sea is served with a coleslaw salad full of pepper and covered by spinach leaves. No comment, probably the chef realized it too and decided to covered the result.

The main is a gorgeous idea. Putting together three ingredients, core of the world gastronomy: pigeon, foie gras and truffle. This is a tricky dish as the three ingredients have different textures, cooking point and level of fat, but the chef decided to finalize them all together, wrapped in pastry.

As a result, the truffle got lost and the fois gras released fat that ‘boiled’ externally the pigeon, not evenly cooked. I will not add the fact that the pigeon was not properly cleaned (ops I just did) to say that it was not a pleasant dish.

What a pity.

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