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Luxembourg / Julio Cevicheria: eat, sing, dance

Let’s start with a statement: at Julio Cevicheria, I had one of the funniest and liveliest restaurant nights in Luxembourg.

Since the moment you start descending the stairs of this large ‘basement’ in Avenue de la Liberté, it is all about music, shaking hands and big smiles. There is somehow a euphoric atmosphere, the entire staff wears ponytails and cheerfulness, while an elderly singer waves his long dark curly hair and warms up the A progression on his guitar.

Food was good. I tried to stay focused on what I was eating but I was too busy singing or clapping my hands – when they were not busy holding their delicious Pisco Sour.

So, in-between a ‘Bamboleo bambolea’ and a ‘Volare, oh oh, cantare, oh oh oh’, we enjoyed tiradito, empanadas and a peppery beef heart as starters before facing a large portion of fresh sea bass ceviche (marinated just a bit too much for me) and lomo saltado, stir-fried soy-marinated beef strips served with a generous portion of rice and fries.

I truly hope that this genuine Latin spirit (mixed to some ‘local’ Portuguese influence) will last long, truthful to this initial euphoria and, obviously, fresh and authentic food.

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