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Seattle / Senor Moose: or the day I understood I never had Mexican before

The way to Seattle from Luxembourg is a long 12-hour flight, more than 8,000 Km (5,000 miles) filled with books, notes, movies and gin tonic.

During my last flight, I had the opportunity to spend two wonderful hours watching the story of Frida Kahlo, her relationship with Diego Rivera and a rainbow of colors, loud voices and splashes of energy and life.

Load with this energy and the power of a short afternoon nap, I made my way to Ballard and the blue doors of Señor Moose, to experience the same Mexican vibes with its powerful and colorful walls, the masks, the votive pictures, the loud voices of the dining room, the heart-warming music and the smell of the freshly made corn tortillas… Once at the table, the smell of corn is so strong and genuine that makes you grab the tortilla in your hands and bring it to the nose and enjoy the fragrance.

The restaurant celebrates the comida tipica, the regional Mexican tradition of fondas (small homey restaurants) and backroom kitchens with tacos and platillos fuertes, and the alcoholic addition of tequila and mescal-based cocktails.

Among the must-order:

  • Queso fundido with chorizo: melted cheese (it comes bubbling at the table) to eat on tortillas – including what’s left on your hands after

  • Taco de carnitas: lightly crispy chopped pork topped with onion, cilantro and avocado – tip: ask for the sauce on a side to avoid making the tortilla wet

  • Carne asada à la tampiquena: thin slices of seared beef (delicious taste), green enchilada, poblano chile strips, guacamole and refried beans – probably my favorite

  • Camarones à la tequila: shrimps with tequila cream sauce served with chili, rice and black beans – very spicy and creamy; perfect pairing shrimp and black beans

I loved it. I loved the vibes, the colors and the noise.

And I enjoyed the food very much, especially because Europe does not have an authentic Mexican offer. ¡Salud!

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